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Visualize and accelerate your talent insight


Getting results can be more predictable. Our Talent Insight Profiles™ offer data that supports a multidimensional view of individual and group talent – uncovering hidden potential, providing accelerated information before big decisions are made and increasing the probability of success by providing faster insight into people. This reduces time to performance and turns it into a predictable, strategic process.

Culture by Choice Talent Insight Profiles™ use scientifically-based evidence to provide the ability to visualize your human capital, giving you an intimate understanding of your people, providing critical data necessary to make better strategic decisions, reach your objectives, drive growth and reduce organization setbacks.

If you use a traditional method of just using intuition, it could take several months or years to get to know someone, who they are, what motivates them, etc. The downside of that is it can come at great cost or risk. By having inexpensive tools that provide accelerated information, insight and data about an individual before you have to make those big decisions on placing people, organizing teams, hiring people, etc., gives you a clear business advantage.


How do I make the most of the talent I have?


Providing a stronger link between culture, talent management and business results.

Many organizations find they are spending too much time putting out fires, struggling with employee issues, high turnover rates, communication problems, team performance and other factors that seem to drive their goals and objectives off track and not enough time driving profitability.

Do you want to grow, but you’re not sure if you have the right talent or know what talent is needed where, when and for how long to support your goals and objectives?

Organizations today are continually looking for ways to make better and more informed decisions about talent in order to minimize risk and uncertainty and to ensure individual efforts are aligned with organizational goals. At Culture by Choice™ we help our clients gain insight and understanding into their human capital utilizing data to help identify individuals with the right skills, behaviors and attitudes and are a good cultural fit to move an organization forward.


The key is to realize we are all part of a system that consists of:

  1. Our relationship and interaction with people
  2. The tasks we need to complete
  3. The systems/context in which these exist


These dynamics in the system are all affected by:

  1. How much we value each person, task or system
  2. Our ability to interact with the people, task and systems
  3. How we view the world — from a people, task or systems perspective
  4. Our organizational culture


Utilizing accelerated talent insight data


Areas where utlizing accelerated talent insight data can successfully contribute to individuals and organizations:

Talent Management and Performance Optimization

  • Job fit
  • Team fit
  • Organizational culture fit
  • Group/department analysis
  • Employee promotion
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Help make decisions around, “What if…?” scenarios

Leadership/Management Development and Succession Planning

  • Executive and personal coaching
  • Identifying & developing future leaders
  • Team building
  • Succession planning and coaching

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Gather essential information about the Project Team, Executive Team and Management Team
  • Ask the questions you really want to ask before the merger or acquisition
  • Team fit
  • Organizational culture fit

Hiring and Recruiting Tools

  • Gather essential information not found in an applicant’s resume so you interview only the best candidates for the position
  • Look beyond a candidate’s previous experience and job history and see “how” the candidate succeeded or failed in their previous positions
  • Ask the questions you really want to ask before the interview
  • Save valuable time from pouring through resumes of less than ideal candidates
  • Design job postings that attract better candidates
  • Determine if candidate fits with the organizational culture
  • Connect the work and the work that needs to be done with the unique talents of an individual
  • Attracting top performers to your organization

Pre-Employment Screening

  • Job fit
  • Team fit
  • Organizational culture fit