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Article 28: Identifying Assets: Material Based Assets

PREFACE: Every organization requires some materials for operation.  Whether it is just a few pens, pencils, and paper or million dollar machines, there is stuff to every business. That is true whether you are in business by yourself, a teacher, a preacher, a small business owner, a not-for-profit, a service club, or a manufacturer employing thousands of people. Stuff is needed to make your operati... Read More »

Article 27: Identifying Assets: People Based Assets

PREFACE: One of the most difficult tasks for many leaders is clearly identifying the people assets of an organization.  Too many leaders pay too little attention to this requirement for leadership.  Jim Collins admonished us to make sure we have the right people on the bus but the only way we can do that is to know three critical things about your organization.  First you must know the real reason... Read More »

Article 26: Delegating

PREFACE: One reality every leader must come to grips with is the fact that you cannot be everywhere and you cannot do everything.  There is just too much to be done.  The art of delegating is often a difficult one to master for many leaders because at the core of effective delegation lies the need to trust.  If you delegate authority to get certain things done you must relinquish the reins in that... Read More »

Article 25: Team Building

PREFACE: We cannot underemphasize the importance of team building for a leader.  But we also realize that some leaders do not have the temperament or the patience for some of the team building activities that are often done during leadership training activities.  Rest assured, we are not going to advocate for trust falls, high ropes courses, or touchy-felly sharing sessions.  However, having a tea... Read More »

Article 24: Persistence

INTRODUCTION: Persistence is a double edged sword.  If you lack persistence you will give up on projects when a little more stick-to-itiveness could produce a good outcome.  If you are excessively persistent you will hang onto projects when everyone else knows they will be dead on arrival.  Success requires a balance in your persistence skills, something I refer to as appropriate persistence. Pers... Read More »

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